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Why Hire A Professional Lighting Designer?

Lighting is, without a doubt, a very technical thing. Therefore, it's not recommended to handle or even plan your wedding lighting all by yourself. Hiring a professional lighting designer ensures quality and safety on your wedding day. It would be good to have a technician operating the entire night who knows the venue.



My Band/DJ Offered To Bring Lighting

Most entertainers do! But it’s important that they are not the ones handling the lighting. When we provide lighting, it is the operators job to set up, control and break down and the end of the event. In short… the Photographer should focus on getting those shots, the DJ should focus on getting the dance floor packed, the caterer should be focused on getting the food out, but the lighting designer/operator is only focused on setting the mood of the room and controlling the atmosphere!



Why Is Mood Lighting At My Wedding Reception So Important?


  • The right Mood Lighting sets the mood and totally provides the 'Wow Factor' when your guests walk in the room.

  • Mood Lighting is the most cost-effective way of transforming an entire venue.

  • It is a more affordable option than hiring wall drapes for older venues and DIY function centers.

  • Your bridal scheme colors can be selected

  • Highlight venue architectural features

  • Boring walls can turn into a vibrant theme

  • Directs light to where you need it most

  • Allows for venues lights to switch off increasing the dance floor light effects.

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